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First-time users may now take our Scrum Master practice tests for free! Log in and use the "free practice tests" buttons to get 10 free attempts at either the Basic or Advanced Scrum Master practice tests.

The SiliconValleyScrum Basic Scrum and Advanced Scrum Certifications are the highest quality Scrum Framework certifications available today.

The Basic Scrum Certification series attests to the recipient's knowlege of the core documents of the Scrum/Agile world. In order to pass these tests, the applicant must have a detailed knowlege of both the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and the Scrum Guide. People interacting with someone holding the Basic Scrum Master (BSM), Basic Scrum Product Owner (BSPO), or Basic Scrum Developer (BSD) certifications can be confident they know the four values and twelve principals of the Agile Manifesto as well as the three Roles, three Artifacts. and five Events that constitute the Scrum Framework.

The Basic Scrum Certification series is priced to be within reach of applicants no matter where they live. Three attempts at the certification tests can be purchased for only $25.00US. Ten "practice" test attempts can be purchased for only $10.0US.

The Advanced Scrum Certification series validates in-depth, sophisticated understanding of the Scrum Framework and how its features are put into practice. The question pools for the tests examine understanding of topics such as cross-functionality, self-organization, artifacts and tools, Scrum Theory and Scrum Roles. Specific questions for the Advanced Scrum Master certification add topics such as Teaching and Coaching, while questions for the Advanced Scrum Product Owner and the Advanced Scrum Developer add topics such as Adding and Measuring Value and Modern Development Techniques repectively. People interacting with the holder of an ASM, ASPO or ASD certification can be confident they understand the Scrum Framework at a sophiticated level and understand the practical implications of using it in real-world situations.

The Advanced Scrum Certification exam series is intended to be more challenging than comparable assessments from other organizations, but also somewhat lower in price. Our philosophy is that applicants who want to take easier tests are welcome to pay more for the right to do so. Applicants who are confident of their knowlege and ability may take our difficult tests and save some money in the bargain.

Three attempts at an Advanced Scrum certification exam can be purchased for only $100.00US. Ten "practice" test attempts cost $25.00US We recommend that applicants try out the practice tests before attempting the certification exams. These practice tests use questions from the same pool as the actual certification exams. The "Test Results" for practice tests include explanations of the correct answers for all questions. The tests are meant to be learning tools and will help applicants learn about Scrum and Agile.

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