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Standardized Scrum/Agile Skills assessments

SiliconValleyScrum now offers a free Scrum/Agile Skills Assessment to help you check your own Scrum/Agile skill level.

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This free test consists of 45 questions randomly selected from a pool of over 500. They are classified as "Basic", " Advanced" and "Expert" in their level of difficulty.

When you have finished the test a recap of results in the "Basic", "Advanced" and "Expert" categories will be shown.
We also provide Standardized Agile Skills assessments for use by recruiters and hiring managers. The tests help them to to evaluate the skills of applicants. Please contact the recruiter or hiring manager to obtain a code for taking the test.

SiliconValleyScrum proivides study materials to help improve test scores. Please press the Self Study Options button for more information.

Questions? Find answers at info@SiliconValleyScrum.com

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