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Basic Scrum Certification training
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The Basic Scrum Master Training Bundle gives you:
  • Unlimited access to the Intro to the Agile Manifesto and the Scrum Guide Basics online training class materials. These materials include over 50 pages of information with expert audio commentary for each page. Study them at your own pace. Use them as a reference. Your access to this invaluable Scrum Framework resource continues even after certificaiton is achieved.
  • Ten attempts at the Basic Scrum Master Practice Examination. Each attempt consists of 15 questions drawn at random from a pool of over 100 expertly selected multiple choice inquiries. Each test is graded instantly and the test results include detailed explanations of each topic.

    Taking these tests and reviewing the results is a very effective form of study. The first attempt generally results in a low score. Subsequent attempts show steady improvement if the student reviews and understands the test results. By attempt 6 or 7 most students earn the passing grade of 85%. By the 10th attempt the student's score is usually at or near 100%.
  • Three attempts at the Basic Scrum Master Certification Examination. It consists of 40 questions drawn at random from the question pool. The exam must be completed within 30 minutes.

    This test is very rigorous but if the student studies the material and uses the practice tests to firm up their knowlege, passing on the first or second attempt is common.

    All students who pass will receive a Basic Scrum Master certification from SiliconValleyScrum. This certification will be delivered automatically upon passing the certification exam.

Good luck!